Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Does Thornton want a trade?

Stories are percolating in Boston that the Bruins captain and star centre Joe Thornton is asking management to move him out of the home of the minutemen. And like Paul Revere, Thornton may have made his final ride.

There is no official word from either Thornton or the Bruin’s management regarding the status of the Bruins’ star, though it is understood that Thornton is less than happy with the back up he received from the Bruin’s when the Boston media criticized his playoff performance.

Thornton is also reported to be concerned about the high number of free agents that Bruins have left unsigned, possibly signaling a rebuilding job is on the way. Something that Thornton may wish to not be involved with.

The Maple Leafs are the most frequently reported destination (at least in the Toronto papers) for Thornton, the word is that the Bruins may wish to receive some young defensemen should choose to part with Thornton, and that is one area that the Leafs may still be competitive in.

It could all be a bargaining ploy on the part of Thornton’s agent, angling to get a better deal for his star client. But it wouldn’t be the first time that a Boston star has found himself wishing to be away from Fleet Street. The other side of that coin of course is that the Bruin’s don’t take to being blackmailed very kindly. This standoff could get particularly ugly should it go on for any length of time.

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