Friday, July 16, 2004

Talk, Talk

It's been almost two months sit they've sat down for a chat. But with the clock ticking down to a cessation of NHL hockey in North American, both sides are preparing to give it another chance.
The two sides will meet face to face next Wednesday, with cost certainty once again the pivotal issue for both sides.  The NHLPA hoping that their recently compiled list of proposals will find success. Revenue sharing, a luxury tax and a one time rollback in wages and some changes to the entry system just a few of the ideas they are offering up for discussion.
The league on the other hand feels that the system to be put in place must "bear a rational relationshiph to revenues. Trotting out figures that show that 75% of all revenues go to player costs, leaaaving 25% to work on the day to day running for a hockey team.
They haven't talked in almost 2 months, what takes place on Wedensday will tell us all whether they are serious about re-opening those lines of communication.

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