Friday, July 16, 2004

Hockey returns to Quebec City

They're a few players short of a starting line up, they don't have much in the way of season tickets sold and even the name of the team is missing a few letters. But Pro Hockey is back in the capital of Quebec.
The WHA released a few details about their franchise in the hockey hotbed with a press conference to announce the name of the team, the NORDIKS, bringing back a treasured name in Hockey in Quebec.
Franchise holder Jean Paul Boily, showed off his new team with it's much remembered name and clour scheme. A polar bear on a Fleur de Lys blue background will be the logo of the latest franchise to confirm it's existence in the WHA.
The creative spelling of the old Nordiques name comes courtesy of a decision by the NHL to retain the rights to the original Nordiqes name. Even with the current spelling the NHL is warning the WHA that possible copywright infringements may be on the horizon here.
For the upstart league the repatriation of the Nordiques name for the hockey fans of Quebec City seems like the perfect PR maneouvre  to utliize to build interest in the league and it's local franchise. Will the NHL really take the new kids on the block to court, so as to hold onto a name that may never be used again in anger.      
Its another small step for the return of hockey to the Quebec capital, another step takes place this week withe the WHA draft, after that all that is left in Quebec City is to sell some tickets and fix some spelling!

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