Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A nation's angst!

Perhaps its the way that we were teased on Friday night only to be sent crashing to earth on Saturday, but the farce that has become the NHL and NHLPA negotiations seemed to send Canadians into a final fit of disgust by Sunday afternoon.

CBC Radios Cross Country check up took the pulse of the nation on Sunday and the blood pressure is high, our indigestion is not getting any better and a lot of us could benefit from some anger management sessions.

Rex Murphy the loquacious host of Check Up, sat behind the microphone on Sunday and let the public vent. For two hours the calls came in from Signal Hill to Victoria, the Territories to Southern Ontario and all points in between, we called, we vented and Rex sat back amazed at our passion.

Heart felt explanations of why hockey matters were put forward by some, others offered solutions to the current impasse, while many just blew off super heated steam at both sides of the dispute.

Check out the February 20th edition of Check Up on your own, you can listen to the program on the CBC Radio website, spend a couple of hours with a wonderful Group therapy session for the disenfranchised.

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