Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Not a promising noise

Well my absence from Blogging these last few days all comes down to noises. The computer has been making some "weird" sounds of late, (more frequently these last few days), weird of course is that word that one uses when you just can't figure it all out.

Two crashes in three days gives one the feeling that the end may be nigh. Rebuilding windows XP after each crash has taken up a fair amount of computing time here at the Hockey Central bunker. We sit in pre meltdown mode again this morning as we type, the puter performing agonizingly slow, erratic in video and weak in spirit.

In between reboots, rebuilds and recriminations came a gurgling sound from the upstairs bathroom, yesterday gurgling proceeded to the next phase, the blockage and the back up. Hours upon hours of plunging has resulted in little relief of the situation.
Blogging sadly will take a back seat while we try and get the facilities back in working order (one has to have one's priorities heh), the plumber will be here today, wonder if he knows anything about computers as well!

I can only assume there is some symbolism of my bathroom problems coinciding with an NHL season about to be flushed down the drain, though at least Gary and Bob can actually flush something! By all accounts today is crunch day in the NHL, the union supposedly on the ropes having broken that psychological barrier of the cap, willing to settle for a cap of 52 mil, quickly dismissed by the league they now get down to the nitty gritty of what number they might actually settle on.

The only question remaining now is will my drain be clear before Bob and Gary put down their plungers for the season?

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