Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cherry pickin' your pets

A little mindless surfing on a Thursday discovered this little gem of an ad, it seems that Don Cherry is branching out from his sub sandwiches and cold remedies.

Cherry is the spokesperson and has lent his name in partnership, to a new line of pet insurance called, Cherry Blue Pet insurance. It offers up extensive coverage, so your fido or snowball can laze around the house secure in the knowledge that all is taken care of should something bad happen around the estate.

You can insure your pet under two different plans, the Red Line or the Blue Line program. For those that really, really like their pets there is the Blue line coverage which in addition to accident coverage includes any new illnesses that may unfortunately be visited to by your pet.

For those not quite ready to go top dog, there is the Red Line coverage , which will at least take care of any accidents that may befall your beloved.

Cherry's participation in the project is designed to help raise funds for Rose Cherry's home for kids. Something he has tied in nicely with all of his corporate dealings, you do a search for Rose Cherry's home on the net and you'll find many of Cherry's corporate partners have stepped up to help out. A smart use of Cherry's very high Canadian profile.

As for the Pet Insurance though, we wonder, is your coverage voided should your dog or cat wear a visor, or refuse to go into the corners?

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