Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Not everyone is going to Brett's retirement party I guess.

Hot on the heels of the HockeyNation tribute to Brett Hull, comes a reminder that not everyone is sad to see him go.

Jon Cook who pens occasional columns for the Canoe webservice offers up a differing view of the life of Brett. Cook points out that Hull could be a troublesome soul from time to time. Cook suggests that Hull did not so much as retire as walk out on his latest club, upset over dwindling ice time. Cook also looks at the Phoenix record without Hull and suggests that he did the team a favor by leaving, as their record has been improving without him in the line up. (Ouch!)

Cook explores a possible sit down between Hull and Wayne Gretzky, divining what Hull's role would be on the team and how he might have reacted to it.

He does provide some valid points, Hull has had difficulties with authority over the years. Gary Bettman and Mike Keenan probably don't have him on a Christmas Card list, but then not getting along with Mike Keenan is not exactly a negative is it? Seems to me that Iron Mike has made more than one enemy in his days in the NHL.

Hull did say that he didn't give a damn about the fans, in a moment of frustration, something that really should not happen in a league that is rather dependent on box office receipts.

At any rate, the Cook article does provide the other side of the coin, which I must admit HockeyNation did not dwell on in the All Hail Hull edition. So in a bow to two sides to every story, here is the Cook article in full.

It's a bit harsh on Hull, but then when you have thrown out the odd verbal punches as Hull has done over the years, you have to expect a few jabs to come back. And somehow I don't think he'll be losing any sleep over the article.

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