Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Puck was in the net, the bucks were in the wallet!

Vancouver radio listeners got an added bonus to their Canuck's coverage on Thursday night October 20th, as the on air duo of John Shorthouse and Tom Larscheid discovered that coming to the rink meant more than watching a hockey game.

Like many teams in hockey, the Canucks run a 50/50 draw, where the winner shares the total jackpot with the Canucks charity of choice.

Like good little hockey fans Larscheid and Shorthouse buy their tickets game in and game out, laughing at the state of their fortunes as the winning number usually comes up some thousands away from the one on their ticket.

That is until Thursday night! As the Coyotes and Canucks meandered around the GM Place ice, Shorthouse discovered that they had the winning ticket and were about to pocket the 20,000 dollar prize.

Listen in as the two try to reconcile their winfall with the job at hand in the broadcast booth.

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