Friday, December 02, 2005

Canucks Derailed

Well that was quick, just after we post our tribute to the Canucks ability to return to winning ways, they go and get stomped in Edmonton.

The Oilers must have decided to bring the Canucks back to earth and do it quickly, once again the Canucks had problems getting things in gear on the road. The trips away from GM Place have for the most part been unsuccessful ventures, last night it was another road loss as the Canucks dropped a 5-3 decision to the Oilers, making the Canucks road record now 5 wins, 15 losses for the year.

Outworked and outscored summarizes Thursday night at Rexall Place, as the Oilers dominated the Canucks in much the same way that the Nucks took on the Avs the night before. They were outfought for the puck, outskated on the ice. Following the Avs game on Thursday, Marc Crawford said he had no passengers on the bench, Thursday the place was crowded with guys just there to watch. Something you can't do against a team like Edmonton, who if nothing else provide a solid work ethic game in and game out.

Jarret Stoll, Raffi Torres, Marty Reasoner and Ryan Smith set the pace for the Oilers with Stoll scoring twice in the successful night in front of the tenth sell out of the year for the Oil. Jussi Markennen held up the back end for the Oilers keeping the Canucks for the most part off the scoreboard.

Canuck markers that did get through included Josh Green, Daniel Sedin and former Oiler Anson Carter. Bright spots for Vancouver was the play of Mattias Ohlund with assists on all three goals and Henrik Sedin with two assists in the losing cause.

Alex Auld started the game in the Canuck nets, before giving way with 2:44 left in the game as rookie Rob McVicar took over to finish off the game.

Missing in action for the most part on Thursday night were Todd Bertuzzi and Ed Jovanovski, both player which the Canucks need to become more dominant if they wish to improve their horrid road record. They're not alone in taking nights off, but they're status as premier players on this team mean that if they aren't performing the rest of the team seems to feed off of it.

The loss will rejuvenate the debate in Vancouver about what is wrong with the Canucks and why consistency seems to be as alien as road wins to this team. Coach Marc Crawford and GM Dave Nonis had best find the answer fast, over the course of a season losing two thirds of your road games is a recipe for an early exit from the quest for the Stanley Cup!

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