Thursday, December 29, 2005

Time for a sale in Buffalo?

It's a few days past Boxing Day, yet the goaltender shelves are still full at Sabres are Us.

Darcy Reiger the lucky holder of a trifecta of goaltending talent, continues to field offers from far and near about the services of one of his three roster goaltenders. Mika Noronen, Martin Biron and Ryan Miller are the three in demand, with one of them eventually bound for parts as to yet unknown.

The early betting is on Biron being the one to shuffle off from Buffalo, with a salary of 2.1 million he makes considerably more than both Miller and Noronen and with his experience would make a fine addition to the likes of a Vancouver Canuck, Edmonton Oiler or Colorado Avalanche roster, to name just a few of the rumoured destinations of the last little while.

Reiger was planning on making a move earlier in the fall, but when Miller became injured all trades were on hold. While Miller has returned to his pre injury form, Reiger is still hesitant to make a deal until he's sure that Miller is both physically and mentally ready to go the distance for the rest of the year. Salary cap issues and free agency status will also play key factors in any decision that Reiger eventually makes, not to mention value of the trade in return for the services of any of his hot goaltenders.

It's not expected that the Sabres will carry the three guardians of the net much longer though, making the New Year a ripe time for a new start and a new destination for somebody.

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