Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Stevie Y removes his name

Steve Yzerman has always been the class act of the NHL, the consummate team guy and a silent leader that shows how it should be done. On Tuesday, Yzerman showed even more of that leadership, when he asked Wayne Gretzky and the managers of Canada's Olympic team to take his name of the list of candidates for Torino.

Feeling that his output is not what it should be, the Detroit captain did not want to take a spot built on reputation, instead of participation.

Having been an integral part of past Canadian teams it must have been a hard call to make, but he would be the best one to know if he feels he would be a plus on the ice for the Canadians. Hopefully, Hockey Canada has a spot on the plane for consultants, surely if he can't participate on the ice he would be able to offer guidance to the younger guns about to suit up for the Maple Leaf.

As his career winds down in the NHL, the accolades will begin to increase about his selfless determination to his team. Count Hockey Canada ready to provide a chapter or two about Stevie Y.

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