Saturday, April 22, 2006

Not quite ready for the prayer cards yet!

Regular observers of the old hockey blog might have noticed a certain lapse between postings of late, (I believe seven days counts as a lapse). Well things were a tad unhealthy in the home of the HockeyNation, with a pretty nice case of the flu and bronchitis taking your faithful scribe to somewhere close to the other side.

Well ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but I don’t know there were days I could have sworn there was a bright light or something heading my way. Or at least like I had stepped in front of an Al McInnis slapshot from his real power days.

But alas the miracle of antibiotics, Industrial strength cough syrup and a lack of motivation to leave bed eventually brought us back from the near dead.

We shall gingerly skate back onto the blog with occasional posts, at least until we fully can comprehend what we are thinking and might actually type.

We'll begin to try to reclaim our blogshare with my belated picks, (now I made these yesterday I'll have you know so no yeah sures from anyone). They'll show up in the next posting you see.

By the way to whoever chose to present me with the gift of the last five days of blecch, the package awaits your return on the backdoor porch. May you have as much fun as I had.

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