Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Operators are standing by and standing by and standing by

Count Vancouver's ticket brokers among the most broken hearted at the state of the Vancouver Canucks and their chase for the final playoff spot in the Western division. Perhaps they have the most to lose financially as well, maybe even more than the guys that sell those big foam number 1 fingers and the ever popular white towel sellers of Vancouver (though judging by the current state of affairs they may still have a market).

The ticket brokers a group of businessmen that buy and sell Canuck tickets have seen a rather sharp drop in the demand to go with their supply, which any student of economics would realize is not good for business.

It's reported that since the Olympic break, the demand for Canuck tickets has been on a steady downward slide, as the trendy bandwagon fan decides not to hop on at this moment. Where once the lower bowl corporate seats were the treasured acquisition of any Canuck fan, now those same seats are apparently available at less than cost.

And if things are bad for the folks that actually make a living out of buying and selling tickets, one wonders what fate will come to those independent scalpers. Those folks that set up shop just outside the sky train station or the GM Place walkway and shout out tickets, tickets who wants tickets. If the stories coming out of Vancouver these days are correct then, the answer would be apparently not many.

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