Saturday, April 15, 2006

Vancouver's Dog Days of April

The backpage photo in the Province's sports section gave a visual to the obvious, two pieces of toast with a Canuck logo. Cruel but correct, for after Saturday night the Canucks will not play meaningful hockey again until September.

A team with so much province and carrying the expectations of a city and province with them, couldn't seal the deal, wouldn't keep their end of the compact between team and fan and for that the fans are now speaking out and the words aren't kind.

Bertuzzi? Get rid of him goes the chorus! Crawford, he's lost the dressing room say the phone in show callers, surely they can't keep him despite two years remaining on a contract. Naslund the team captain and solid citizen? Well maybe the whole team needs a makeover, thanks for the memories Markus is the cry. Yep, there's nothing worse than a Vancouver fan with no more hockey to watch.

For those wishing to share in the mourning, CKNW's audio vault will provide you with all the angst of Canuckland from 9-midnight both from Thursday and Friday nights shows.

Over at the Tyee, Steve Burgess has picked up the pulse of the city and put it into an article for the online magazine. Read it a couple of times and you'll be picking up the phone to join the wake, hockey has ruled Vancouver since the Canucks came into the league in 1970. Dreams apparently die hard on the shores of the Pacific, especially when so much was expected and so little was delivered.

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