Sunday, January 28, 2007

Duhatsheck churns the rumour mill

The Globe and Mail's Eric Duhatsheck has had his ear pressed to the ice of the various NHL teams and come up with some interesting thoughts on the run up to the February 27th trading deadline.

Putting the names of Ryan Smith, Shane Doan and Peter Forsberg into the wind as possible players up for a move as the playoff drives beckon and the NHL teams try to sort out their salary cap and long term plans for their franchises.

From the trade rumours Duhatsheck goes on to look at some of the other issues the league faces after its break for the all star game, things such as the players thoughts on scheduling, the amazing recovery of the St. Louis Blues on the ice, Mark Messiers long term plans and thoughts of the game today and a look at what former Flame Joe Nieuwendyk is up to these days.

Duhatshecks column is a definite book mark for any NHL fan, as he frequently comes up with some solid reporting on the issues of the day and more often than not has the story before it even breaks elsewhere. Check him out here.

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