Monday, January 22, 2007

Saskin and Chelios at the Movies

The internal dispute within the NHLPA may be getting ready to heat up once again. Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun has some juicy information about yet more trouble in the house of labour at the NHLPA.

There is talk around the players that perhaps a re-examination is needed into the happenings that led to the appointment of Ted Saskin as director of the NHLPA. Making the rounds of the 700 NHL players' mail boxes in the next week will be competing DVD's which outline the positions of Saskin and those of the players that have never really accepted him as their leader.

That group seems to be using Chris Chelios as the point man, he is reportedly appearing in the renegade video in which his questions voiced last summer regarding Saskin's hiring are used to try and spur the membership onto a review.

That DVD will be followed up by one by Saskin himself where he tells his side of the seemingly never ending controversy.

While it wouldn't count as a groundswell of support yet, there are still enough questions and more than a few disillusioned association members out there that Saskin's hold on his organization may not be as strong as he thinks.

With a week off for all but the elite players of the league, those that don't escape to some sun spot destination with the family can fire up the ole DVD player and pop in some night time viewing.

We'll wait to see what genre the presentations are placed into, comedy, thriller or even murder mystery (well career wise anyways).

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