Friday, May 23, 2008

Avlanche go back to Granato

The Colorado Avalanche continued on along their theme of bring em all home, as the NHL West division team signed on Tony Granato for a second tour of duty as the Avs head coach.

Granato coached the Avlanche for a couple of years until the 2004-05 season will succeed the man who replaced him that year, as Joel Quenville chose to move on last month apparently finding philosophical differences with the Avs management team.

Granato's second chance comes as the Avs prepare to make a few more steps along the NHL path built on youth, with some of the Av veterans closing in on their final years, he will inherit a team that will be growing together with their new but familar head coach.

What remains to be seen is if Captain Joe Sakic will help with the transition back by sticking around for another NHL season, his presence would no doubt be a bonus for Granato as he tries to design an offence to take advantage of the Avalanche speed and scoring potential.

General Manager Francois Giguere, didn't seem to have a very deep list of potential employees, preferring instead it seems to focus primarily on bringing Granato back to the Mile High city.

His main point of focus will be to improve the Avs woeful power play record, which was a league worst 30th place on the road and not much better in front of the home town crowds. Just improving their goal scoring with a man advantage could help lift the Avs further up the standings next year and help provide some positive developments as Granato takes on his duties.

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