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Canada hosts the world May 2-18

The World Hockey Championships celebrate their 100th anniversary with the first ever trip to the homeland of hockey.

15 national squads are joining their Canadian hosts to compete for the World Championships, having just completed a warm up schedule of games that took them around eastern Canada, they get down to the business of chasing a gold medal on Friday.

Canada begins its hosting duties on Friday afternoon as the Worlds get underway in Halifax, Nova Scotia when Team Canada faces off against Slovenia. All games 56 games of the tournament take place in either Halifax or Quebec City. All of the semi final matches and the gold medal game will take place at Le Colisee Pepsi in the Quebec capital.

We'll track the scores and stories from this location, with links to the various websites of interest for the tournament. TSN is providing the broadcast hosting for the event starting with Canada's opener on Friday.

Official tournament schedule

Official IIHF website

Hockey Canada website

TSN Broadcast schedule and notes

Results from the tournament

May 18-- Gold medal game RUSSIA 5, Canada 4, Overtime
---------------------------- Russia wins the Gold Medal, Canada the Silver

May 17-- Consolation bronze medal game FINLAND 4, Sweden 0

May 16-- Semi Final RUSSIA 4 vs Finland 0
May 16-- Semi Final CANADA 5 vs Sweden 4

May 15-- Day off

May 14-- SWEDEN 3, Czech Republic 2 overtime
May 14-- CANADA 8, Norway 2
May 14-- RUSSIA 6, Switzerland 0
May 14-- FINLAND 3, USA 2 overtime

May 13-- Day off

May 12-- USA 9. Norway 1
May 12-- RUSSIA 5, Switzerland 3
May 12-- CANADA 6 vs Finland 3
May 12-- DENMARK 3, Belarus 2
May 12-- GERMANY 5 Latvia 3

May 11-- FINLAND 3, USA 2
May 11-- SWEDEN 4, Czech Republic 3
May 11-- SWITZERLAND 7, Denmark 2
May 11-- LATVIA 4, Norway 1

May 10-- CZECH REPUBLIC 3, Belarus 2 Shootout
May 10-- CANADA 10, Germany 1
May 10-- RUSSIA 3, Sweden 2
May 10-- SLOVAKIA 4, Slovenia 3 Shootout
May 10-- FRANCE 6 , Italy 4

May 9-- FINLAND 2 , Latvia 1
May 9-- RUSSIA 4, Belarus 3
May 9-- SLOVAKIA 5 vs Slovenia 1
May 9-- FRANCE 3 vs Italy 2

May 8-- SWEDEN 8 vs Denmark 1
May 8-- CANADA 2 Norway 1
May 8-- CZECH REPUBLIC 5, Switzerland 0
May 8-- USA 6 Germany 4

May 7-- SWITZERLAND 4 Sweden 2
May 7-- FINLAND 3 Slovakia 2
May 7-- BELARUS 2 France 1
May 7-- NORWAY 3 Germany 2

May 6-- CANADA 5, USA 4
May 6-- Russia 4, Denmark 1
May 6-- CZECH REPUBLIC 7, Italy 2
May 6-- LATVIA 3, Slovenia 0

May 5-- SWITZERLAND 2, Belarus 1
May 5-- FINLAND 3, Norway 2
May 5-- SWEDEN 9, France 0
May 5-- GERMANY4, Slovakia 2

May 4--CANADA 7, Latvia 0
May 4--RUSSIA 5, Czech Repulbic 4
May 4--DENMARK 6, Italy 2
May 4--USA 5, Slovenia 1

May 3-- SLOVAKIA 5, Norway 1
May 3-- SWITZERLAND 4, France 1
May 3-- SWEDEN 6, Belarus 5
May 3-- FINLAND 5, Germany 1

May 2-- CANADA 5, Slovenia 1
May 2-- CZECH REPUBLIC 5, Denmark 2
May 2-- RUSSIA 7, Italy 1
May 2-- USA 4, Latvia 0

HockeyNation articles on the tournament

May 18-- Победа: A Russian revival and a Russian celebration in Quebec City…
May 17-- After a close call, a familiar rival beckons
May 15-- No way for Norway
May 14-- Still undefeated and looking for more
May 10-- Dominating Deutschland
May 8-- Canada still undefeated, but barely
May 6-- Hot Hand Heatley saves the day
May 4-- Canada rolls past Latvia
May 3-- Heatley leads Canada in home opener

News stories from the tournament

May 11-- CBC Sports-- Controversial goal helps Finland top U.S.
May 11-- Halifax Chronicle Herald-- U.S. turns to former NHL goalie Esche
May 11-- Norway Post-- Norway - Latvia 1-4
May 10--AFP-- Parity not a problem at World Hockey Championships
May 9-- Halifax Chronicle Herald-- Grotnes heroic for Norway in 2-1 loss
May 8-- Toronto Star-- Canada survives a scare from surprising Norway
May 8-- National Post-- Mission accomplished for Norwegians
May 8-- National Post-- Norway pushes Canada to the limit
May 8-- Canoe-- Canada edges upstart Norway
May 8-- Globe and Mail-- Germans push US in close game
May 8-- Globe and Mail-- Slow starts becoming a Canadian trademark
May 8-- Globe and Mail-- Nash nudges Canada past Norway
May 7-- Moscow Times-- Canada Gets the Win It Cherishes Most
May 7-- Winnipeg Sun-- Perfect for the 'Peg
May 7-- Globe and mail-- Heatley rescues Canada
May 7--Halifax Chronicle Herald--'You can smell' hockey in Canada
May 7-- National Post-- Hockey legend detained after man dies on flight
May 7-- National Post-- Germany loses skater, but not the win after IIHF ruling
May 7-- Globe and Mail--Lightning, U.S. lose Halpern to knee injury
May 7--Globe and Mail-- Crosby content to be a playmaker
May 6-- Winnipeg Sun-- Large test for Canada
May 6-- Winnipeg Sun-- Best Yank team in years
May 5-- USA Today-- USA's true test will come against Canada
May 5-- Globe and Mail-- Canada, U.S. set to get their hate on
May 5-- Globe and Mail-- We stand on guard … but why bother before a game?
May 5-- Globe and Mail-- Canada-U.S. hockey rivalry picks up steam
May 5-- Globe and Mail-- Russian gold medal hopes take a hit
May 5-- Hitchcock to shake up second line
May 5-- Canadians ready for their close-up
May 5-- Latvian keeper turned into Shooter Tutor
May 5-- Stars, stripes and sweet revenge
May 5-- U.S. makes quick work of Slovenia
May 5-- Toronto Sun-- Canada groovin', movin'
May 5-- Toronto Star-- Team Canada on cruise control
May 5-- Edmonton Sun-- Hockey knights for Canada
May 5-- Canadian Press-- Canadian players feel American rivalry has picked up steam
May 4-- Globe and Mail-- Leclaire makes good on return to Halifax
May 4-- Globe and Mail-- Canada hammers Latvia at worlds
May 4-- Heatley red-hot at world championship
May 3-- Halifax Chronicle Herald-- Thomas plays for Team U.S.A. out of pure patriotism
May 3-- Globe and Mail-- Canadians admire Latvia's lovable fans
May 3-- Halifax Chronicle Herald-- Heatley shows how
May 3-- Halifax Chronicle Herald-- Game on for fans
May 3-- Winnipeg Sun-- Hosts bring Heat
May 3-- Calgary Sun-- Heatley is turned up
May 2-- CBC Sports-- Canada tangles with Slovenia in world hockey opener
May 2-- National Post-- Playing on home ice may be no advantage
May 2-- Halifax Chronicle Herald-- Canada is set to go
May 2-- Halifax Chronicle Herald-- World Notebook May 2
May 2-- Ottawa Citizen-- Senators on world stage
May 1-- Sun Newspapers-- Hitch likes the mix
May 1-- Sun Newspapers-- Selanne believes in giving something back
May 1-- Toronto Star-- Heatley puts playoff regrets behind him
May 1-- Halifax Chronicle Herald-- Inviting the world
April 30--Halifax Chronicle Herald -- Canadian team takes chemistry course
April 30--Globe and mail-- Hockey's birthplace finally gets the worlds
April 30--Globe and mail-- Selanne seeking gold medal
April 30--National Post-- Canada happy to be home
April 30--National Post-- With blockbuster lineup, Hitchcock not too worried about competition
April 30-- Edmonton Journal-- World hockey championship gamble sure bet in Halifax
April worthy of IIHF's gamble
April 30--Canadian Press-- Selanne looking to add a gold to his collection at world championship
April 30--The Guardian UK-- World championships come home but is anyone there?
April 30-- AFP-- Canada looks to break host jinx and repeat at hockey Worlds
April 30-- AFP-- Hockey fever hits Halifax ahead of World Championships

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