Friday, May 30, 2008

Take me out to the hockey game, take me out to the crowd....

It'll be a cold wind no doubt that might be blowing across Wrigley field on a January afternoon, but that won't apparently deter the NHL from cashing in again on the prospect of an outdoor game in Chicago.

While nothing has been nailed down yet, indications are that the Red Wings and Black Hawks will reprise the successful outdoor hockey festival put forward this year in Buffalo.

The NHL mindful of a high profile vehicle, will be calling on the ghosts of Wrigley to make Chicgao the latest in success stories for outdoor shinny.

The rumoured move seems to elimate New York's Yankee Stadium, destined to close this year as the favored site for the Winter Classic this January.

No official announcement has been made as of yet, but it's another move out of Chicago that seems to be announcing that things are going to be done differently now that the day to day running of the Hawks has passed on down the generations of the Wirtz family.

Only recently re-introduced to television in the Chicago market, playing an outdoor game will no doubt help to boost the teams image in the very crowded Chicago sports scene. Chicago fans are notorious for their loyalty to their teams despite the elements (witness at Bears game in late December or early January for evidence), but this may test that endurance mightily should it come to pass.

If the Wrigley plan fails to come together, the alternate option is Soldier Field, home of the Bears and another location with thermal underwear is a decided option...

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