Sunday, June 08, 2008

Has the Dominator left the building for the last time?

The buzz around the NHL on Sunday night was that Domenik Hasek the six time Vezina trophy winner and two time Hart recipient is set to announce his retirement on Monday.

It has been an interesting career that the 41 year old Dominator has enjoyed in the NHL, leaving an equal amount of devotees and frustrated fans in his mercurial wake.

One of the league's most dominating of goaltenders over the years, he also had a career that left no shortage of puzzlement in many NHL outposts over the course of his career.

In particular fans in Buffalo and Ottawa to this day are still not sure if Dom really had his heart in the same uniform as the rest of those teams, the frequent victim of many a mysterious malady at most inconvenient times.

Yet, when he was on his game he was one of the best that has come along.

Leading the Red Wings to the Stanley Cup back in the 2002 season. He was on track for another Stanley Cup run when he was replaced by Chris Osgood in the Nashville series and never played another game.

Along the way in his high profile 16 year career Hasek claimed six all star appearances and played in four Olympic Games for the Czech Republic winning the gold medal in 1998.

The Red Wings have announced an 11 am press conference when Hasek will announce his plans while the Wings are still in the haze of goodwill from a Stanley Cup Championship.

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