Thursday, June 26, 2008

Something Auld, something new, Something taken from the team in Blue

For a team that was set to turn a new page, chart a new course or explore new frontiers, the Vancouver Canucks are certainly turning back the clock a bit and more importantly taking some interesting chances.

Shut out on the trading floor last weekend in Ottawa, Canucks' GM Mike Gillis has been making some interesting (some would say frightening) choices over the last few days as he attempts to rebuild his team's fortunes.

The Canucks lifted Kyle Wellwood off the waiver wire on Wednesday, seeking to bring the former Leaf to the west coast. As they announced their latest acquisition Gillis suggested that Wellwood was a player who "we think he's a guy that we are prepared to put a lot of time and effort into and work."

A project if you will, something that Canuck fans may or may not find appealing as they wring their hands over their teams machinations in the board room, especially when their new GM is taking cast offs from Toronto, something that will be received with a raised eyebrow in Vancouver's sports bars this weekend.

Yesterday the Canucks were floating the name of Alex Auld around, as a possible returnee and back up to Roberto Luongo, he's just one of a number of goaltenders set to enter the free agency sweepstakes on Canada Day.

That NHL version of the hockey bazaar, will see a wide range of players become available for the right price as Canadians cut some cake and take in some nation building fireworks, it will also possibly be the only way that Gillis will be able to gain some name talent for his club.

If he can't make any deals with his fellow GM's, he may just have to pull out the Aquilini cheque book and purchase some franchise changing faces.

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