Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bad Boy Sean on his way back?

He was the topic of conversation on Hockey Night in Canada, is once again the poster child for the New York City tabloids, Sean Avery, the enfant terrible (bad boy for Sean) of the NHL is said to slowly making his way back to the league.

The Dallas Stars began the talk today when they put Avery on waivers, a clear sign that he won't be showing up in a Stars dressing room again, having worn out his welcome and caused more than enough trouble for his former team.

Cleared by the NHL after his penance for his boorish commentary in Calgary, he now goes up for bid from the NHL's member teams, though it's not expected that anyone is inclined to pick him up at his full salary from his days in Dallas.

He'll clear the waiver wire on Monday, at which time he would be sent to the minors, though the Stars have no minor league affiliation and would be looking to place hi someplace, a prospect that many suggest may see the Rangers offer assistance.

Allowing Avery to while away his minor league time in Hartford with the Ranger farm club, with the Blue shirts stumbling around in the NHL east all of a sudden, there is talk that they need some kind of spark, with more than a few Ranger observers apparently suggesting that such a spark would come in the form of Avery.

The prospect of his return must be sending the NHL head office to the Tums counter of the local pharmacy, seeking out a four month supply of the antacids, just in case somehow Avery finds his way back into a line up.

On the plus side, if such a thing can be attributed to an Avery return, if indeed it is the Rangers that he find a home, at least he won't have to travel as far for the next disciplinary hearing, which one would suspect wouldn't be too far down the line upon his arrival back in an NHL uniform.

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