Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Gauthier gets the gate for five

It's a pattern that seems to reoccur with Denis Gauthier just a little too frequently, a questionable hit that is usually followed by comments "that something needs to be done to get this out of the game".

Monday, the NHL mindful of the current atmosphere when it comes to head shots and unsportsmanlike play, suspended Gauthier for his hit on Saturday against the Montreal Canadiens Josh Gorges's head.

Gauthier is clearly seen leaving his feet and delivering the crushing blow, leaving Gorges woozy and in need of assistance off of the ice, Gauthier was immediately assessed a game misconduct.

Monday, came the suspension and forfeiture of pay to the Players' Emergency Assistance Fund, a 56,000 dollar contribution for his blatant disregard for Gorges' safety.

Gauthier's reputation over the years has been one of somethone that crosses the line on too many occassions, Saturday's events suggest that he still hasn't learned the ability to reign in that focus and to play within the parameters of the game.

He gets his next chance to show that he understands the rules of the game on February 14th when he will be eligible to return to the Kings line up when they play the Edomonton Oilers.

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