Friday, February 13, 2009

Paddock points a finger

Revenge as they say, is a dish best served cold... but you really should remember who is paying the dinner bill!

He hasn't been the coach of the Ottawa Senators for almost a year now, but it seems he still has a few thoughts about what went wrong with his former team and what still may be wrong with them.

In short, it seems that the dysfunctional Senators can look towards their General Manager for the cause of their winters of discontent.

Paddock provided some choice quotes for the Camden Courier Post, suggesting that Murray will be the next in line to be sent to the hockey unemployment lines.

His observations also outlined his impressions of the current line up of Senators, most of which he was in charge of less than a year ago, observing that in his impression that "The players are not very good, that's the problem"

Murray the current GM, Paddock notwithstanding, provided his take on the controversial commentary, expressing his disappointment in his former coach and stating that Paddock had apologized by email for his comments.

He also pointed out that technically Paddock is still an employee of the Senators, with the Sens still paying the final two years of his last contract, unless of course he should speak out again and violate the terms of that parting of the ways. A revelation that probably accounted for the email from Mr. Paddock, no doubt on the advice of his financial advisor.

Currently the coach of the Philadelphia Phantoms of the AHL, Paddock had outlined his thoughts just prior to the Sens/Flyers match up on Thursday night.

Perhaps they struck a chord with the Sens, as they went on to defeat the Flyers 5-2, racking up their third win in a row for new coach Cory Clouston.
Perhaps coach Clouston should keep the transcripts handy for future use, nothing provides motivation better than being told you stink.

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