Monday, May 25, 2009

He's the Choice and he'll have his choice

All that is left in Denver is seemingly to offer him up the majority share of ownership of the team.

According to a Montreal on-line publication, Patrick Roy has been offered not only the head coaching position of the Avalanche, but if he wishes he can be the team's GM as well.

With Colorado trying to recover from the worst season in the team's history since relocation, the answer to their problems it seems is the former goaltender with the combative nature.

There has been no actual confirmation from any of the principles in the potential union, neither Roy nor the Avalanche have much to say over the last few days as the story began to percolate and pick up steam.

The Denver papers haven't found any smoking memos or deep throat like informants to give them the inside track on the story, but perhaps they have been lost in the euphoria of the Nuggets march on the western division championship.

In fact, besides the fact that the Avs stunk the place out this past year, the Nuggets success has made for thin coverage of the Colorado debacle since the regular season ended. This despite the almost soap opera like qualities of the chase for Patrick.

The jilted coach, Tony Granato, still left unaware as to his status for September, though no doubt comforted by the fact of his current contract which has two years left to go on it.

Then there are the thoughts that what Patrick really may wish for is that Bob Gainey show some of the same love that the Avs have provided these last few weeks. More than one sports reporter in Montreal is anxious to see Roy take over the reigns of the Canadiens. The pressure cooker that is the Habs could make for a very interesting work environment for Roy and with it, sell more than a few copies of the local papers. In an industry facing dwindling circulation and interest, the arrival of Patrick Roy on the local sports scene could save one or two of Montreal's papers all on its own.

In the end however, it may the lure of his old friend and former agent Pierre Lacroix, which moves his direction, that and a handsome reward to taking on the challenges of a Colorado team that has lost its way over the last few years.

Far from the dominating squad that seemed a lock on Stanley Cup runs for a decade, now relegated to the back end of the sports pages and the after thought of the sport casts on TV and radio.

More than anything else, a quest for relevance seems to be at play here, bringing in one of the most identifiable of faces from the Avs history may be the last move of a hockey team that seems to have run out of answers for their lack of success in the last few years.

The atmoshphere around this potential move has all the makings of a circus, a far cry from where the Avs were just a few short years ago, when they were the envy of the league and one of the blue print franchises for how to get things done.

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