Friday, May 29, 2009

Patrick takes a pass

After all the mystery and speculation, Patrick Roy has apparently turned down the Colorado Avalanche and their desires to see him take over as coach and GM of the NHL franchise in the Mile High City.

Roy, citing family concerns has decided that life in Quebec City is the best option for him at this time (however long "this time" may be) and so he firmly declared Non, to the idea of his relocation to Colorado. Instead he will remain in his various positions with the Quebec Remparts, while watching his sons and daughter begin their way along the journey that is young adulthood.

While Patrick has done what is apparently best for Patrick, what it does to the Avalanche may be a whole different story.

The public nature of this entire botched effort can only be seen as a rather sad humiliation of Tony Granato, who NHL fans may remember is still actually the head coach of the Avs, complete with a signed two year contract and all of that legal mumbo jumbo that supposedly binds you to an organization.

Now, we gather he is just supposed to pick up wherever it was that he left off when the rumours first started swirling around that Patrick, the anointed saint of salvation for hockey in Colorado may soon be on the way. Somehow you get the feeling that despite the current turn of events, Tony might best use his summer refining the resume and heading for the nearest Fed Ex/Kinkos to talk about volume discounts.

How the Avs managed to let this mess get so public and so out of their control is anyone's guess, but it certainly provides testimony as to the rather ramshackle nature of their affairs of late, a veritable gong show of management, which is making them one of the more humorous of franchises. And that's a pretty steep hill to climb when you factor in what's going on in Phoenix, Tampa and such.

Pierre Lacroix, once was considered to be one of the leading GM's during his day, now as President he's providing a very different impression as to his ability to handle the changing nature of the NHL and risking destroying the image of the Avs for a very long time.

After this week, Colorado fans certainly won't be taking much in the way of comfort over where their franchise is heading in the short term.

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