Friday, May 08, 2009

So much fun, we'll pick up the pace to a Yanni soundtrack...

By far it's been the best of the four remaining series chasing Stanley so far, the showdown between Sid and OV, the young guns of the Caps and Pens and after three games the series has come as advertised.

Fast paced, heavy hitting and hugely entertaining the two high profile teams have made each of the three games so far highlight reel material, spurred on by their respective stars.

And now with scheduling starting to become problematic (ah remember the days of the Rangers and the circus?), we're in store for a double dose of the dynamics of this series in two days. Yanni is taking over the home of the Pens for three nights of exhilarating pan flute and string music, so in order to keep the Stanley Cup playoffs on track, the Caps and Pens will play two games on back to back nights, tonight and Saturday night, a situation that rarely occurs these days and one that has Caps owner Ted Leonsis just a little steamed.

He has posted his opinion of the situation on his Capitals blog, blasting the Pens for going against NHL regulations and not ensuring that their building was available for the playoffs as the other teams are required to do.

Pittsburgh apparently not quite as secure in the abilities of their team as the players were, booked the aging Igloo for a number of non hockey events, including the WWE and a cooking show, in addition to the Yanni spectacular.

Leonsis has less than fond memories of his team playing back to back games, having watched the Caps bow out in game seven to the Flyers last year, after having to play back to backs. The prospect of having to do the same again is leaving him a little stressed.

For Ted, we offer up some relaxing music to help tide him over these anxious days...

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