Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good enough for Forbes, not so for the NHL!

If Gary Bettman, Bill Daly, or any other worker drone in the NHL office phones up on a cold call seeking to advise you on your Mutual Fund, it may be wise to just hang up.

As the Jim Balsillie/Gary Bettman et al feud prepares for its next round of court room drama, Tuesday brought an interesting review from the Financial bible known as Forbes, which identified RIM as one of the top performers in the current economic climate.

The review from Forbes is interesting in that the man behind the RIM phenomenen is of course Jim Balsillie, the current scourge of the NHL and a man which all of its member executives considers to be of poor character.

Clearly, the brains behind the NHL have some inside information eh, what with their pronouncement of Balsillies' unworthiness, while having selected past participants to the lodge who have found themselves on the wrong side of the penal system in recent years.

While the NHL's chosen ones were busy lining up criminal lawyers, Balsillie over at RIM headquarters was just lining up contract after contract, invention after invention, leading his company to a top ten finish in the rankings of Forbes, one of two Canadian companies to so be honoured.

Yet despite his corporate savvy, the success of his business plans and the spectacular growth and platform that his main industry provides, the NHL in their long term vision feel he's just not the kind of guy that they want to associate with.

Compared to his efforts in the business world, many of his would be partners, based on some of their recent league decisions, are hardly the timbre of corporate credibility.

Should they have to rub elbows with someone who clearly has found the path to success, one wonders what would be left of their incredible egos and lack of vision.

Over achievers it would appear have no place at the NHL roundtable...

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