Sunday, August 02, 2009

Headlines of August 2009

Tracking the daily headlines for the month of August.

August 31-- NHLPA takes another shot at own foot
August 30-- Next fight could be between NHL and Leafs
August 29-- Quebec government backs Habs sale
August 28-- Kelly on NHLPA hotseat
August 27-- Coyotes heading down same road as Expos
August 26-- NHL's fingerprints all over its damaged credibility
August 25-- Reinsdorf drops bid, NHL picks it up
August 24-- Opportunity for all
August 23-- Coyotes GM puts ownership issues aside
August 22-- Summer's end at rink
August 21-- Heatley, Clouston should talk it out, psychologist says
August 20-- Yzerman defends Heatley invite to camp
August 19-- Coyotes judge faces blizzard of filings as deadline looms
August 18-- Bertuzzi signs with Red Wings
August 17-- Hockey Canada unveils Olympic jerseys
August 16-- Messier to return to Rangers as assistant
August 15-- Kane just another victim of hockey's 'dirty little secret'
August 14-- Canadian Olympic jerseys to be unveiled Monday
August 13-- Fleury says he's sober and ready to play
August 12-- NHL teams starting to show restraint
August 11-- Reinsdorf, creditors reach deal to buy Coyotes
August 10-- Leafs trade Pogge to Ducks
August 9-- Hawks' Kane in hot water
August 8-- Hockey fright in Canada for the NHL
August 7-- Top NHL prospect Taylor Hall takes another crack at Canada's junior team
August 6-- Roenick makes it official
August 5-- Judge rules Balsillie will be permitted to bid at Coyotes auction
August 4-- Roenick expected to announce retirement
August 3-- Reading between the lines
August 2-- Should the NHL go back to Quebec City?
August 1-- Heatley saga takes new twist

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