Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If they play as sharp as they look, Team Canada could be unbeatable

Hockey Canada released their fashion line for 2010, a sharp new look for Canada's three competing hockey squads at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

The home side will feature a uniform featuring a crest that depicts much of what the nation is all about, from eagles to Thunderbirds, to Maple Leafs and Fleur de Lys, the fabric of the nation is pulled together in the fabric of the red and white uniforms. (Click on the Logo above for close up of the uniform crest)
The uniform revealing brings to an end a rather contentious period of time for Hockey Canada which was forced to relinquish its traditional logo of the stylized Canadian Hockey player, owing to Olympic revisions to their uniform rules.
The resulting change is one that will more than likely meet with much approval from all sides.

The uniform was created by Vancouver based designer Debra Sparrow of the Musqueam First Nation and brings in a well balance mixture of First Nation designs intertwined with the traditional aspects of Canadian hockey uniforms of the past.

The highlight of the uniform features a vivid Red Maple Leaf with smaller Maple Leaf designs imprinted on the main logo, each depicting a gold medal victory as well as other designs. The official and replica versions will be manufactured by Nike.

The uniform will feature both a red and a white version, both of which are available for those Team Canada supporters that want to get ahead of the crowd when it comes to their fashion sense for 2010...
National Post-- An inspirational effort

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