Friday, October 02, 2009

A few tweaks to the blog as the season starts

Regular readers may have noticed a flood of entries over the course of the day on Thursday as we launched a new feature for the blog.

While it's still a process in progress (our apologies to the Pacific Division for our tardiness, we hope to have all our pages complete shortly) we have introduced the Pre Game Skate, a location on our portal for fans of all thirty teams to find some items of interest about their favourtie squad.

You can find it on the top left corner of the blog, featuring a number of links to official websites, blogs, podcasts and media reports, all the latest developments for each team will be found through those links.

As well any items from the blog itself about each team will be arvhived in each teams pre game skate page.

We'll be adding a section for the Olympic Hockey tournament to that feature as well, providing an advance look at the different teams looking for Gold in Vancouver.

There will be other features changing or finding revisions as we move along through the season and as always if you have any comments just drop us a line at

While it seems that the break between the Stanly Cup and training camp gets shorter and shorter, once Fall arrives, it really is hockey season, the puck has dropped, so drop by frequently to see what we have to offer.

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