Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Off the radar in LA, yet Smyth may yet be named to Team Canada

When Steve Yzerman and Hockey Canada get around to naming that final Team Canada roster for the 2010 Olympics, we may not be too surprised to see Ryan Smyth's name on the line up cards.

Smyth, who has performed yeoman like for Canada over the years, was probably considered to be on that sharp line between roster status and thanks for coming platitudes, his years starting to add up it may have been easy to suggest that his time had passed in service to his country.

But never underestimate the passion for hockey that can send a player off to save reputations and earn a medal.

Smyth who is toiling away in hockey's version of Siberia, albeit a rather comfortable version in LA, has had one of those eye opening starts to the season for the Kings, racking up points and showing the skill sets that still make him one of the most dangerous and valuable assets for a hockey team that there is.

He is by far one of the top leaders on the Kings this season, taking that struggling squad on to success in his early days in California. His confidence and poise on the ice is providing the spark that the Kings need to get off to their pretty remarkable start, those very well may be the same kind of traits that Hockey Canada will be seeking for Vancouver.

Captain Canada, may yet be pulling on that Maple Leaf one more time and judging by his start to the NHL season, he may very well be the safest bet there is for success in February.

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