Friday, October 16, 2009

The Leafs dodge the blahs for one day!

The coach wants us to do what?
It was fun and frolic on the ice at the Leafs practice Thursday, as head coach Ron Wilson tossed away the pucks and tossed out some tennis balls, offering up a game of dodge ball for his squad. It's rumoured that the coach may even have offered up a smile or a chuckle during Thursday's extensive on ice endeavours.

Designed to add some fun to the scene for what is quickly becoming a rather fragile group, it's no doubt hoped that just taking their minds off of hockey (and keeping them on the ball), will help to relieve the stress of playing hockey in one of Canada's most over analyzing city.

With no wins to show on the season so far, spending the idle times listening to the radio, reading the papers or watching the television in Toronto is probably enough to send even the most secure of individuals off to a therapist.

Of course, the real money could be in taking on the Maple Leaf Nation as clients, since the start of the season all of six games ago, the faithful who follow the Blue and White have been positively apoplectic over their fate, the smell of panic from the fans almost as overbearing as the normal state of superiority that they frequently try to project (all be it with little in the way of evidence)
Still, with a restful game of dodge ball behind them, perhaps the Leafs can rebuild on the fundamentals, win a few games and keep their fans from tumbling from their viewing perches without too much more in the way of angst.

Globe and Mail-- Maple Leafs coach shows fun side

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