Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Brendan Witt can take the hits!

It's a well known fact that playing in Philadelphia in any colour other than orange can be a miserable experience, but man, who knew just how nasty a town that place can really be.

Brendan Witt of the New York Islanders is pretty well aware of having to be watchful for hits when he's crossing the blue line, but now he has to have that head on a swivel when he's crossing the street as well.

Monday, the Islander was struck by a car while crossing a Philadelphia street on his way to a Starbucks, providing the kind of flourish seen in many an action film, Witt apparently rolled over the hood and landed on the road on the other side of the car.

Promptly dusting himself off he proclaimed that he was fine, that he was a hockey player and such little distractions in the day barely cause him to break a stride. In fact he was in the line up on Monday evening for the Islanders game with the Flyer's.

His street theatre event, was a performance that probably almost won him universal praise from Philly fans who like their players to be tough, though we suspect they quickly reigned in all that admiration upon the discovery that Witt skates for the Isles.

Still, his fifteen seconds or so of fame on the Philly streets was good for a few stories around North America on Wednesday, building up the ever popular perception that hockey players are the toughest of the tough.

As for the offending driver, rumour has it that Flyer's GM Paul Holmgren has already waived the driver down to the minors.

National Post-- Islanders' Witt unhurt after getting struck by SUV
TSN-- Isles' Witt hit by car in morning, plays at night Isles' Witt plays despite being hit by SUV

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