Monday, December 14, 2009

US Olympic roster all but set

"No one is betting on us and that's okay. But we're there to win." -- The US Olympic Team's Brian Burke, putting on the underdog coat and wearing it in stylish fashion.

They won't be announcing the team until the New Years Day Classic in Boston, but for three spots, Brian Burke and his fellow management team with the US Olympic team have a pretty
good idea what names get pencilled in on January 1st.

The Americans have finalized their 23 man roster for the February Olympics, though Burke suggested that the final three spots are still up for the taking among the six US players currently on the bubble.

Most of the names will be familiar ones for US hockey fans, though a few rising stars and some key surprises this year may yet work their way onto the final list.

One particular area featuring a hard decision may be in goal tending, while Ryan Miller is considered as the main participant in the nets, backing him up may offer a surprise, with Tim Thomas having a less than stellar year in Boston, there may be a chance for either Craig Anderson of the Colorado Avalanche or Jonathan Quick of the Los Angeles Kings gaining a spot, beyond the anticipated third spot on the bench.

The decisions all but made, all that remains is the unveiling ceremony on New Years Day, a celebration of the American team that will take place at Fenway Park when the NHL features its now apparently annual outdoor classic, this year featuring the Bruins and the Flyers.

The fact that this years classic and team naming celebration is in Boston, surely must guarantee Thomas a spot on the roster, otherwise one imagines that New Years Day will be a long one for Burke as Bostonians express their opinions on the roster selections.

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