Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just hangin' around Portage and Main waiting for a parade to start...

As a follow up piece to our earlier missive about the prospect of the Atlanta Thrashers migrating north this summer to set up residence at the MTS Centre for October, we offer up a few items to help while away the days until the NHL gets around to an update, if not an actual announcement of some sort.

If patience is one of the tests of a city's resolve in hosting an NHL franchise and the chance to make money, break even or suffer massive losses, then we think by now Winnipeg has more than aced the exam.

Still, with Gary Bettman playing coy with his admirers in the Keystone province, (most recently offering up some interesting asides on his very own little radio program), the folks at the fork of Assiniboine and Red Rivers may need some reading material to help pass the hours and hours and hours before they can celebrate (or suffer the burden of fai.... uh, er, lets not go there please, though the Winnipeg Police have plans in place for whatever an outcome).

So till then, while we're all hangin' around awaiting the Commish and his arrival in the city for the swearing in ceremony to the NHL lodge, some more reading material to go with all those links we reviewed on Thursday.

Flip the digital pages along with us below.

May 31

Winnipeg Free Press- True North to announce purchase of Thrashers at news conference
Winnipeg Free Press-- The Forks is ready to party
Winnipeg Free Press-- Winnipeg group schedules news conference to announce..
Winnipeg Sun-- NHL press conference set for 11 a.m. CT
Atlanta Journal Constitution-- Thrashers deal to be announced at noon
Globe and Mail-- Winnipeg finally returning to NHL fold
National Post-- The NHL needs Winnipeg more than Winnipeg needs the NHL
National Post-- Atlanta-to-Winnipeg: Everything is happening
National Post-- Terrible names for Winnipeg's new NHL team
CBC-- True North set to announce Winnipeg NHL deal
CBC-- Winnipeg waits for NHL announcement
Toronto Star-- Expect Winnipeg to welcome NHL today at noon
TSN-- True North holding noon ET news conference on Thrashers
TSN- Off season game plan: Winnipeg
Vancouver Sun-- NHL's return to Winnipeg just makes sense

May 30

Winnipeg Free Press-- Thrashers deal close to being finalized
Winnipeg Sun-- Forks ready for NHL party
Winnipeg Sun-- Thrashers sale just a matter of time
Winnipeg Sun-- All signs point to imminent deal
Globe and Mail --Thrashers on verge of 'elite status'
National Post-- Tuesday announcement in Winnipeg appears possible
Toronto Star-- Winnipeg heading into NHL's brave new world
Toronto Star-- Thrashers jet to Winnipeg on Tuesday?

May 29

Winnipeg Free Press-- Toews itching to take on city NHL team
Winnipeg Free Press-- Lies, damn lies, and NHL hockey
Winnipeg Sun-- Former Moose goalie wishes it had worked in Atlanta
Winnipeg Sun-- Winnipeg franchise names scooped up

May 28

Winnipeg Free Press-- Hey, isn't that Bono over yonder?
Winnipeg Free Press-- City survived loss of Jets, but fans must do better
Winnipeg Free Press-- Bettman laughs off Winnipeg sightings, criticizes media
Winnipeg Sun-- Room for Winnipeg in NHL: Toews
Winnipeg Sun-- What should NHL team be called?
Winnipeg Sun-- Thrashers president holds out hope
CJOB-- Minnesota Wild fans excited about NHL return to Winnipeg
Atlanta Journal Constitution-- Another suitor for the Thrashers?

May 27

Winnipeg Sun-- Cops plan for Portage and Main mayhem
National Post-- 'Anti-Balsillie' winning friends in Winnipeg
National Post-- IKEA has got Winnipeg's back
National Post-- A New NHL awaits Winnipeg
Globe and Mail-- The man who revived the Jets by killing them
Fox News-- Bettman refutes reports about 'done deal' in Winnipeg
CBC-- Hockey and 'The Peg'
Atlanta Journal Constitution-- It will be a quiet holiday weekend on Thrashers front

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