Thursday, May 26, 2011

Over at the rest stop, the Canucks await an opponent

The pace probably is a little less hectic these days for the members of the Vancouver Canucks, the aches and pains of three hard fought series will have some time to heal, though we imagine that the daily skates will still focus on the task at hand.  The challenge of bringing a Stanley Cup to the West Coast for the first time since a band of fellows called the Millionaires made a pilgrimage eastbound.

With the Lightning and Bruins extending their fun for a seventh game, the rest period for the Canucks will gain the added bonus that whichever team should persevere on Friday, either Boston or Tampa Bay will be a very weary team by the time they make the cross continent trek for Game One of the Stanley Cup Final.

While the Canucks kick back in the back yard and refine their leisure skills near the BBQ, (The Sedins no doubt passing the condiments back and forth, with Kesler crowding the front of the BBQ while Roberto deflects some refreshments to Bieksa and Hamhuis over in the corners) there still is time to concentrate on some hockey don't you think?

So to that end, we'll provide updates on the developments in the Canucks camp as they make their final preparations for the Showdown for Stanley to come.

May 27

Vancouver Province-- Premier, pug, psychic all pick Vancouver Canucks to bring home the Cup
Vancouver Province-- Boston Pizza shows its Vancouver Canucks colours
Vancouver Province-- Canucks playoff fever spreading Seattle area
Vancouver Province-- Bruins, Horton a threat to Vancouver Stanley Cup
Vancouver Province-- Iron Man worried he'd left it on
Vancouver Province-- Winning is a moving experience
Vancouver Province-- Salo sharing special moments with his kids
Vancouver Province-- Final dates put plans in motion
Vancouver Province-- All players equal in Sedin's room
Vancouver Province-- Path to the final wasn't easy for Canucks
Vancouver Province-- Grandparents first to call Bieksa after crucial goal
Vancouver Province-- Boys have a few laughs during Thursday's press conference
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Vancouver Province-- Even Kesler shows humorous side as Canucks chill before Cup...
Vancouver Province-- Fan buys karma for Canucks by aiding unemployed cowboy
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Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' Cup quest about more than just the games for East Van reared CEO
Vancouver Sun-- The Canucks' Three Amigos: Bieksa, Kesler and Burrows
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' Manny Malhotra's recovery "beyond our expectations"...
Vancouver Sun-- Canuck Ballard's fan bottle blast? 'You can't do that'
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Vancouver Sun-- 'Vancouverized' Henrik Sedin relishes final bid to bring Stanley Cup home
Vancouver Sun-- Stanley Cup final starts Wednesday in Vancouver... and it's a pricey ticket
Vancouver Sun-- Kesler capers: Honey, I left the iron on
Vancouver Sun-- Kevin Bieksa's song Cole in the know, revels in dad's goal
Georgia Straight-- Vancouver Canucks face Boston Bruins in Stanley Cup Final
Toronto Sun-- Stars aligning for Canucks
Toronto Star-- Bure hopes Canucks can accomplish what '94 team couldn't
National Post-- Canucks anxious to get back to work
Globe and Mail-- Canucks will face tough road against Bruins
Globe and Mail-- Designing a jersey you would be proud to wear at a Stanley Cup celebration
Globe and Mail-- Stars align for Canucks ahead of Stanley Cup clash
Globe and Mail-- Torso painting and other etiquette tips for Canucks fans
Globe and Mail-- Canucks centre Manny Malhotra cleared for full practice
Globe and Mail-- Canucks fans take to YouTube to rap and sing their love for team

May 26 

Vancouver Sun-- Canucks have the sizzle, the steak... and the appetite for a ...
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks look to hold trump card in goal with Luongo heating up
Vancouver Sun-- 2011 Canucks vs 1994 Canucks: How Vancouver's two recent...
Vancouver Sun-- Stanley Cup Finals: Vancouver prepares to party, but not like it's 1994
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks icon Trevor Linden: "This team is going to win"
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' Vigneault sees no advantage in Stanley Cup final schedule
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks get Little Love from Don Cherry
Vancouver Province-- Teeth a small price to pay for glory
Vancouver Province-- Even a 'warrior' needs a few days out of his armour
Vancouver Province-- Vigneault expects injured Ehrhoff, Rome to be available..
Vancouver Province-- NBC reports Stanley Cup dates and times for Canucks...
Vancouver Province-- Kesler gets last laugh over Game 5 ailment
Vancouver Province-- Bieksa's son knew he scored winning goal
Vancouver Province-- 'Vancouver-ized' Sedin relishes chance to bring Cup home
Vancouver Province-- 'Lady Gaga' wins Province contest
Vancouver Province-- Chief Chu hoping for Canucks' sweep
National Post--  Canucks' risky push for Cup paying off
National Post-- Eastern goalies shouldn't scare Canucks
Globe and Mail-- Canadianized? No. Vancouverized? Yes
Globe and Mail-- Mike Gillis sticks to the plan
Globe and Mail-- Pat Quinn says pressure was just as great in 1994
Toronto Star-- Canucks hit century mark with more work ahead

May 25 

Vancouver Province-- Skating core to Hamhuis's success
Vancouver Province-- Canucks alumni from 82' helped build current juggernaut
Vancouver Province-- Hansen and the Holy Grail

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