Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Ghosts, Goblins and a guy name Sean?

We're sure the timing is but a coincidence, but the New York Rangers used Halloween as the day to announce that they were putting Sean Avery on re-entry waivers, hoping to have the burr under everyone's saddle back in Broadway Blue's by Thursday.

Concerns over the long term health of Michael Rupp led to the decision to summon Avery from the beyond,  the hereafter in this case being the Connecticut Whale of the American League.

With Avery, who has been plying his trade in the AHL for the last month, having now cleared waivers, the Rangers can soon put him to work.  Opponents had best prepare for the full Avery, where a good portion of the action takes place after the whistle.

Avery's waiver status, was a situation which  allowed the league's other partners to contemplate the opportunity to pick him up and add to their roster.

Of course the other side of that process is that NHL General Managers had to contemplate the sideshow aspect of life with Avery, where at times even his own team mates perhaps find cause to shake their heads in a negative direction.

After further review, the league's other GM's all took a pass on the opportunity, or as Nancy Reagan once famously said, they collectively, Just Said No.

So it's a return to Broadway, where he will once again be at the centre of the US media capital, a spotlight he seems to have relished over the last few years. Joining a team struggling in the early portion of this 2011-12 season.

Ranger fans seemingly made their wishes clear to the Rangers executives over the last few games of the recently renovated Madison Square Garden, lending the Gallery Gods support to the Avery cause.

As one might imagine, the New York papers are quite anxious to sit back and watch what develops upon the return of Mr. Avery.

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