Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Second time around ends much the way of the first for Paul Maurice

The second term of employment for Carolina Hurricane coach Paul Maurice came to an end on Monday, though perhaps a bit overshadowed by the announcement of the firing of Bruce Boudreau in Washington.

For Maurice, the end came with a chat from GM and President Jim Rutherford who informed the likeable Maurice that it wasn't working out and with the Hurricanes slide continuing on into late November the fates it seems were set for Maurice to once again make the trek to the Unemployment office.

The profile of the coaching departure, while not quite the hot white spotlight of Boudreau's dismissal earlier in the day still was one of a hard working coach, who it seems wasn't finding any traction with those that take to the ice on a nightly basis.

Maurice returned to the Hurricanes in December of 2008, three years later and with little progress from the Hurricanes towards the upper reaches of the NHL his name was the most frequently mentioned of coaches that were on the bubble.

Monday the bubble popped, though to be fair to Maurice, unlike the Capitals, the Hurricanes haven't exactly surrounded him with a Top tier lineup and even though his most valuable player has struggled, the on ice troubles of Eric Staal certainly haven't provided for the same kind of enigma like performances of the Capitals Ovechkin, Semin et al.

Still, it's a win or lose business and the Hurricanes have done more of the latter than the former,  so Maurice was the first to be moved out of the way, though the President and GM seems to at least be aware that some of the blame may rest with the players.

Rutherford added this intriguing thought at the time of his dismissal of Maurice, sending the message to those on the ice that management is keeping an eye on things.

But we need to see if we can get back into it with this, or if we need to change some more players.

The task now falls to Kirk Muller, a frequently mentioned name as a potential head coach who now gets his chance to turn around a struggling team.

We're not sure that he'll have much more success than Paul Maurice, the Hurricanes seem to be destined to be a middle of the pack kind of team at best these days, some things run deeper than just the guy behind the bench.

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