Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ducks open the vaults to reward top players

They may be playing their hockey on the west coast these days in the shadow of the Stanley Cup Kings, but the Anaheim Ducks aren't letting any moss grow between their webbed feet in the quest for their second Stanley Cup and bragging rights in Southern California.

Towards that end, the Ducks have been busy getting players signed on the dotted line, first with Ryan Getzlaf and now Corey Perry. Knocking the heck out of the free agency sweepstakes and by securing contracts with no move clauses, moving the Ducks out of the trading day deadline dramatics for the most part we would imagine.

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The moves solidify the Ducks roster heading into the final portion of this shortened season and the playoff ramble to come.

While most have cast their gaze on the Chicago Blackhawks and their remarkable start, perhaps one of the most solid of performances this season comes from Anaheim, who have been taking to Bruce Boudreau's urgings quite nicely.

Providing for a season for the coach that takes away the sting of the last team that Boudreau was charged with, as the work ethic in Anaheim it seems is just a little more intense than that of DC.

Add on the help that Boudreau is getting from GM Bob Murray, who secured the top tier of Ducks in  the Pond for a few more years, and Boudreau is surely finding all is well in the shadow of the Mouse and the Duck.

The Hawks of course remain their biggest obstacle, a juggernaut of a team that seems to have the rest of the West looking on in awe.

However, with a few solid pins secured in place, Anaheim is serving notice that Chicago will have to battle their way to the Stanley Cup.

Below some exclusive footage from the Ducks comptrollers office, explaining how carefully the Ducks are calculating their budget concerns.

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