Sunday, March 10, 2013

Get my Bags to the rink on time!

Deadspin offers up a tale of going that extra mile, lights a flashing, sirens a wailin' to get the baggage of five Florida Panther call ups to the rink in time for puck drop.

It would seem that not everyone in the Greater Miami area may be Panther fans (surprise, surprise, surprise we know), as some of the fall out from the cross county trek from airport to arena has left a few of Florida's taxpayers a tad unimpressed.

The question of ethics and consequences was brought up with a New York Law Professor, which probably works in the favour of the Panthers in the Public Relations battles of Florida.

The Panthers are reimbursing the police force for gas and such for the off the books escort, though judging by the picture atop the Deadspin article, it would appear that even if offered, the lure of free tickets probably doesn't guarantee that the Police officers actually stick around the rink once the bags come out of the trunk...

Regardless, the expedited delivery of the Sunrise Police Force hasn't translated into much momentum in the Eastern Conference Standings, the Panthers currently are firmly in place in last place with but 20 points at the midway point of the season.

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