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A Flames Farewell as Iginla heads east


“He’s played a lot of years here and played as hard as he could,” Flames forward Mike Cammalleri said. “I’ll tell you one thing about Jarome. Every day he tried his best to win hockey games with his teammates.” -- Mike Cammalleri, astute obsverver of Flames hockey, providing the concise and fitting  epitaph for the Jarome Iginla's years as a Flame.

The Flames Mike Cammalleri perhaps offered up the most telling review of the news that the long time Captain of the Calgary Flames had been dispatched to the Boston Bruins, er make that the Pittsburgh Penguins on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  

His spot on observation that Iginla at all times tried his best, is the thing of a hockey gospel. The only problem being, for most of that time in Calgary, the Flames didn't provide him with the assembled talent to fully utilize his talents.

And now, with the long rumoured Iggy is gone headline finally delivered, the consensus is that the stumbling Flames, were a day late and a dollar short in value for their prized asset.

Though no one will find fault with Iginla's new hockey destination, heading to the Penguin's a most active squad in the run up to the Trade Deadline of the 4th of April and already it would seem loaded for war in the Stanley Cup playoffs to come.

The move to Pittsburgh for Iginla is a good fit, he'll find much to celebrate in a culture of success that the Penguins have built, in what seems to the complete opposite of the situation he leaves behind. Pittsburgh, with a line up that most GM's can now only dream of  seems to be the odds on favourite to work their way to the Stanley Cup, a fitting destination for the hard working Iginla, who had but one chance of that ticket in his Calgary days.

The nature of the trade which brings draft picks and unsigned college players, (prospects who perhaps have more on their minds at the moment with the NCAA Frozen Four), highlights the nature of the deprecation of the trade market when you dither in putting together your plan, or facing the cold hard reality of your situation.

Part of that may have been Iginla's oft stated desire to see things through in Calgary, still in a year full of failed expectations and the perception of a team in a free fall to the bottom, even Iginla it seems saw the rebuilding plan to come and submitted his list of teams for consideration.

How he ended up in Pittsburgh over Boston (especially with all that media speculation of Wednesday night) will be the thing of media chortling for the week to come, the preamble to the wall to wall manic obsession with the trade deadline shows.

All of which should be doing like Santa for Wednesday, making their lists and checking them twice.

One name they can scratch off those lists though is one Jarome Iginla and most likely the Penguins too, who surely have the pieces in place now for their Stanley Cup run.

Jarome Iginla will finally get a chance it seems to pursue Lord Stanley's chalice, it should have been as a Flame, a team which in a perfect hockey world (or at least a better managed one) he would have retired with. 

No doubt one day he will return to see that number 12 jersey lifted to the rafters and forever placed as part of the fabric of the Flames franchise.

Still, who can begrudge the guy who gave it all to Calgary for perhaps his last real shot at that which all players seek. Come playoff time, with the Flames most likely long forgotten from the playoff schedule, Albertans can settle in and cheer the Pens on. t

The thought of, "win one for Jarome" perhaps the theme of the playoffs for them.

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