Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Expandables -- Quebec City Archive

Our notes on development from the Southwest desert, as the Las Vegas franchise for the 2017-18 season begins to put together its foundation to launch its travels in the NHL.

Quebec City 

September 14 -- Bill Daly Still hoping for NHL Expansion in Quebec City soon

June 27 -- Quebec taxpayers spent hundreds of Millions on an NHL-ready arena and didn't get an NHL team
June 26 -- Paying for an NHL-ready arena only guarantees you a spot on the rumour  mill
June 26 -- History of a dream: Régis Labeaume's unending quest for NHL hockey
June 26 -- Quebec City's Centre Vidéotron 'Field of Dreams' a nighmare for taxpayers
June 24 -- Quebecor-ownd TVA Sports, doubles losses  if first year of NHL, RDS profits drop 58%
June 24 -- Régis Labeaume convinced Quebec City will have an NHL team, some day
June 23 -- Why Sin City topped Quebec City for an NHL team
June 23 -- Why the NHL (and the Montreal Canadiens) said no to Quebec City
June 23 -- Quebec City still holding out hope for future team as NHL opts to expand to Las Vegas
June 23 -- NHL commissioner Gary Bettman doles out another face-wash to Canada
June 23 -- Quebec City vows to continue fight for NHL team
June 22 -- NHL defers expansion to Quebec City
June 22 -- Quebec City ponders options after NHL defers expansion bid
June 22 -- NHL expansion to Las Vegas; no team for Quebec City
June 22 -- Quebec City remains patient, optimistic
June 22 -- Sorry, Quebec City: Loonie, geography blamed for NHL team deferral
June 15 -- Even if you build it, NHL still won't come to Quebec City
June 15 -- Writing has been on the wall for Quebec City non-expansion
June 15 -- NHL's Las Vegas expansion a ridiculous decision by any normal metric. But, hey, free money
June 14 -- Las Vegas a 'done deal' for NHL expansion team, but not Quebec City
June 4 -- Mulroney has his doubts about Quebec City NHL expansion this year
June 3 -- Mulroney: Quebec City expansion 'slim'
June 3 -- Ex-PM Mulroney optimistic for NHL return to Quebec City, but not soon

April  8 -- Does Hurricanes owner have eye on Quebec City?

Mrach 23 -- Québecor owner still wants NHL franchise in Quebec City
March 16 -- Quebec City most natural choice for expansion
March  7 -- Rumours aside, the weak Canadian dollar won't help Quebec City's dreams of NHL expansion this time

January 15 -- Puny loonie could have a huge impact on the NHL

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