Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Trading Post 2016-17

For many NHL teams, Septembers rosters will be pretty well set through the season, barring a major injury the teams that roll into the new season in high gear, rarely make major changes through the year, with only a trade deadline acquisition to perhaps shore up a weak spot or bring in depth for the playoff battle ahead.

Others however, quickly learn that the planning of July and August and September's training camps haven't really solved a lot of their problems and that the only way to get back on track is to bring new faces and ship out those that aren't fitting into where the team hopes to be going by the time the Spring rolls around.

It's at those points that the General Managers of each of the NHL's member clubs start to earn their pay, making decisions on which players need a fresh start, or which perhaps have seen their best days slip by, or when it's time to just shake things up and snap a team out of its lethargy.

Below we will track the deals of 2016-17, providing some background for the names that suddenly find that movers and change of address notifications are part of the NHL experience.

It all of course leads up to the Spring time madness known as the Trade Deadline, a day where hockey fans perhaps suddenly come down with a bad cold or some other suitable malady that will require at least a day at home, perhaps even in front of the television.

The preamble to the Spring trading deadline starts with the first puck drop of game one, the listings of the relocated can be found below:

Trading Period commenced October 7, 2016.
Trade Deadline Monday, February 27, 2016.
Trades updated as to October 8, 2016


October 8 -- Montreal / Florida -- The Florida Panthers pick up Tim Bozon from the Montreal Canadiens, receiving Defenceman Jonathan Racine in exchange. (NHL Trade Alert)

October 7 -- St. Louis / Edmonton -- The Edmonton Oilers trade Nail Yakupov to the St. Louis Blues, in exchange the Oilers received prospect Zach Pochiro and a conditional third round pick in the 2017 NHL Draft, that could become a second round pick in the 2018 NHL Draft should Yakupov score at least 15 goals for the Blues ( NHL Trade Alert)

Transactions Counter:  2 Trades to date

Anaheim Ducks -- 
Arizona Coyotes -- 
Boston Bruins -- 
Buffalo Sabres -- 
Calgary Flames -- 
Carolina Hurricanes -- 
Colorado Avalanche -- 
Columbus Blue Jackets-- 
Chicago Blackhawks -- 
Dallas Stars -- 
Detroit Red Wings -- 
Edmonton Oilers --
Florida Panthers -- 
Los Angeles Kings -- 
Minnesota Wild -- 
Montreal Canadiens-- 
Nashville Predators -- 
New Jersey Devils -- 
New York Islanders-- 
New York Rangers --
Ottawa Senators -- 
Philadelphia Flyers -- 
Pittsburgh Penguins -- 
San Jose Sharks-- 
St. Louis Blues --  1
Tampa Bay Lightning -- 
Toronto Maple Leafs -- 
Vancouver Canucks -- 
Washington Capitals-- 
Winnipeg Jets --

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NHL Trade Tracker can be viewed here

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