Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Game Off!

The much expected suspension of the NHL season took place today, as Gary Bettman took to the microphones at 2:30 New York time and announced the league was locking out the leagues players.

Claiming it was his sombre duty to do so, Bettman said that the league will not resume play until they have a CBA in place that makes sense to the leagues owner.

And so shall become our fall, winter and maybe even spring of discontent.

The announcement today, certainly didn't come as a surprise, but none the less did add a certain finality to the long winding battle over a new contract.

The decision comes less than 24 hours after hockey fans across Canada celebrated victory in the World Cup. Now like that often viewed downhill skier on the old Wide World of Sport, Hockey fans have experienced the "thrill of victory and the agony of defeat", it seems pretty apparent that the bitterness of the defeat, is going to last a lot longer than the sweet taste of the victory!

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