Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Lockout Update September 27-October 3

The opening night game between Montreal and Ottawa is probably all but a forgotten idea now; the two sides in this increasingly bitter dispute have not officially spoken directly since the early part of the week of September 13th. With no progress attempted and thus no progress expected, we’ll continue our listing of Lockout oriented material. Warnings of doom and expressions of sorrow, is all we're left with as the two sides sit back and wait for the other to blink!

27-Sep-04 Give us our game back!
27-Sep-04 The fans in the Hockey Heartland speak out
27-Sep-04 Junior Hockey benefits huge from lockout
28-Sep-04 "You have NO fans left"
28-Sep-04 To Russia with pads
28-Sep-04 Fans making plans
28-Sep-04 Terrible Ted sees no solution in the short term
28-Sep-04 Media money going to other places
28-Sep-04 Scrambling to cover some bets
28-Sep-04 Some Historical reading for Gary and Bob
29-Sep-04 Fed up fans to make a stand
29-Sep-04 October is cancelled!
29-Sep-04 Gag them with an order
29-Sep-04 Taking a byte out of the lockout
29-Sep-04 Naslund moves against salary caps and luxury taxes
30-sep-04 On ice alternatives looking shaky
30-Sep-04 World Stars bound for London town
1-Oct-04 Pittsburgh tallies up the cost of no hockey
1-Oct-04 The TSN solution
1-Oct-04 Little brother loads up
3-Oct-04 Starting a New NHL full of problems

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