Monday, September 20, 2004

September Lockout Update Sept 20-26

The stories are starting to dwindle as the reality sets in that there will be no NHL for the near future, or even for the longer term. However, there is the odd story that pops up from time to time of interest to the HockeyNation and here are the ones for the week starting September 20th.

20-Sep-04 Three contracts that killed a league?
20-Sep-04 Bettman and Goodenow to the bear pit
20-Sep-04 Gamblers and Governments big losers in the lockout
20-Sep-04 But would Jarome pull a loading dock shift?
20-Sep-04 Arena dates are now available
20-Sep-04 Travelling down a Dead end road
20-Sep-04 Rent is still Rent!
20-Sep-04 Remembering the Halcyon Days
21-Sep-04 Putting the pressure on Wayne and Mario!
21-Sep-04 Maple Leafs could end up the big losers
21-Sep-04 Show us the numbers
21-Sep-04 An NHLers European vacation
21-Sep-04 Bettman sets the scene
21-Sep-04 Sinden says owners are united
21-Sep-04 Scott Stevens seven million dollar clearance
22-Sep-04 The lines in the ice
22-Sep-04 Karmanos saving money
22-Sep-04 Former Sens owner thinks back to 94
22-Sep-04 Professor Bowman has no answers
22-Sep-04 Battlin' Bob offers little hope
22-Sep-04 Predator numbers put team in peril
22-Sep-04 Former Canuck owner airs out all grievances
23-Sep-04 But who gets the kids?
23-Sep-04 Goodenow gets an earful
23-Sep-04 Killer keeps his own counsel
23-Sep-04 Daly and Saskin shoot the breeze
23-Sep-04 Desperately looking for a second opinion
23-Sep-04 Careful what you say!
23-Sep-04 A misguided approach!
24-Sep-04 Grapes in the players corner
24-Sep-04 The Kirea solution
24-Sep-04 Thinking out loud
24-Sep-04 Not in the fans interest?
24-Sep-04 Saving an Olympic dream!
24-Sep-04 Making sense of cost certainty
25-Sep-04 An ode to hockey via Stompin' Tom's classic
25-Sep-04 Mr. Melnyk holds the line and keeps his wallet closed
25-Sep-04 Heroes and stiffs
26-Sep-04 Old Money deals, they are the real problem
26-Sep-04 Will lockout result in Changes?

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