Wednesday, September 15, 2004

September Lockout update

Well HockeyNation certainly hopes that this will be a short lived feature, but with the NHL locking out its players there will be lots of material to process. This will be our archive for all things Lockout, the latest from the League, the Players Association and maybe even the much fogotten fans.

15-Sep-04 The official word
15-Sep-04 Mr. Bettman shuts it down
15-sep-04 The puck stops here
15-Sep-04 Dueling press releases
15-Sep-04 The players make their plans
15-Sep-04 What's on the tube tonight?
15-Sep-04 Some teams won't survive
15-Sep-04 Selanne warns of a long disruption
15-Sep-04 Expect the worst
15-Sep-04 A line in the ice
15-Sep-04 The Colorado story, a payroll to kill a league for?
15-Sep-04 The fans are the biggest losers
15-Sep-04 Advantage Bettman?
16-Sep-04 Joe Sakic reflects on the impasse and who is to blame
16-Sep-04 Pointing the finger of blame at the owners
16-Sep-04 Enough scorn to go around
16-Sep-04 Both sides are pathetic and disgusting
16-Sep-04 A reality check for the players
16-Sep-04 Truly a great game, in order to survive those that run it
16-Sep-04 Playing chicken!
16-Sep-04 Gambling with nothing to lose
16-Sep-04 Why be held hostage by millionaires and billionaires?
16-Sep-04 Hockey Night in Canada lays off 50 workers
16-Sep-04 Casualties of a Labour War
16-Sep-04 A fight to the finish!
16-Sep-04 Two minutes, months, years for instigating!
16-Sep-04 Digging in for the long haul
16-Sep-04 They feel our pain
16-Sep-04 Until the cap comes off, the table sits empty
16-Sep-04 Droppin' the gloves
16-Sep-04 When millionaires squabble
16-Sep-04 The view from the farm
16-Sep-04 Putting the game on ice
16-Sep-04 The last we've seen of Yzerman?
16-Sep-04 Go Home!
17-Sep-04 Iron Mike speaks out
17-Sep-04 Manning the phones in Cowtown
17-Sep-04 41 dates now open at the Corel Centre
17-Sep-04 Sens to lose 7-10 mil with a lockout, 12-16 mil without it
17-Sep-04 Checking the Moose schedule in Winnipeg
17-Sep-04 NHLers planning European vacation
17-Sep-04 Solidarity Forever? Madden speaks his mind
17-Sep-04 Ooops, what I meant to say! Madden clarifies his words
17-Sep-04 Fiscal sanity according to Fergie
18-Sep-04 Union keeping track of playing time
18-sep-04 Some players still getting paycheques!
18-sep-04 Winners and Losers of the first week
18-sep-04 Joe Fan bears the brunt
18-Sep-04 Hockey Night in Barrie
18-Sep-04 Filling the void
19-Sep-04 Where will it all lead?
19-Sep-04 Hockey Isn't over, just the NHL!
19-sep-04 Forsberg to stay in Sweden regardless of how it ends

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