Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dear CBC:

Regarding the remainder of the Hockey Night in Canada schedule, considering the rather brutal nature of Maple Leaf games these days could we please, please give some thought to maybe showcasing the rest of the Canadian based teams on a more frequent basis. With the exception of the Montreal Canadiens, the remaining four teams based above the 49th line seem to provide more than enough thrills and hits to keep even Don Cherry entertained for the full sixty minutes.

Instead of the next ten weeks of Leafs games (though we must admit we too look forward to the March 4th game with Ottawa) how about moving the camera over to a few new locales for the traditional HNIC fiesta.

For instance how about on the 4th of February giving us the Sens and the Sabres, no doubt a better match than the Devils Leafs snorefest you have planned for us. February 11th the Flyers are in Ottawa, now we're not trying to pick on your schedule maker but C'mon' that has got to be a better contest than the Rangers and Leafs. And how come no late game that night? How did that happen, somebody at the NHL was not paying attention to their main money maker eh!

There's not much you can do about March 11th, the Rangers and Habs or the Bolts and the Leafs a trade off, we'll go with your wisdom and no doubt the wish to give your crews a bit of a rest. And March 18th your doing fine, three games possible covering all Canadian based teams playing that night. Sidney in HD should be a treat providing he's still able to play by then.

March 25th you do yourself proud with the Sens/Flyers, Habs/Leafs (for the truly tortured souls) and the Canucks and Oilers, it could be a winning ratings week that one.

April Fools won't be on us with the Sabres/Leafs and the Oilers/Flames games, leaving the Habs and Bruins to themselves is probably a wise call.

April 8th you miss the boat though, the Leafs and Flyers probably looked good on paper and visions of the great wars of the past danced through your heads. But the real war will most likely be the one in Ottawa when the Sabres come to town. It's not too late to revise the crew shifts you know! The back end of the double header though is a winner, Flames and Canucks will be a doozy!

You do fine for the final game of the regular season of Hockey Night on April 15th, Leafs and Sens and Avs and Canucks. Though keep an eye on how the Flames and Kings are doing, It might not hurt to split the feed giving the Flames fans the chance to watch their favourite team maybe clinch first place or home ice advantage who knows!

Anyways, as you can see there is some tweaking to be done, we at HockeyNation truly hope we find a few more nights of the rest of the gang for our hockey night entertainment!

Yours Truly,

The HockeyNation

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