Thursday, January 12, 2006

A trip to Hockeyville

Is your town the one. The place where hockey is lived with every breath, a part of the fabric of your society. Is it the one sport that unites your residents for the common good? If so then Kraft Hockeyville could be yours.

This first appeared on Hockey Day in Canada last Saturday, a couple of quick commercials though the day asking for you to nominate the town that best fits the mould of hockeyville.

The winning community will receive upgrades to the community arena, the shrine to shinny in many a hometown. Not only that, but the town judged to be the most hockey intense homefront in the land will also receive an exhibition game featuring two NHL teams and a chance to socialize with those that play for a living the game we love with a passion.

The rules are rather simple and the rewards great for the successful community.

Kraft Hockeyville is a CBC production, with a TV show in the works starting March 29th and continuing on through the NHL playoffs in June. Town after town will be hoping they are the lucky home for Hockeyville and of course host to the grand finale of a visit from the pros and some goodwill to your hometown.

The players will drop in to celebrate hockey with you and your fellow citizens, perhaps you could serve up some heaping servings of Kraft Dinner at the celebration banquet when your town becomes Kraft Hockeyville for 2006!

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